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New Classes at Burntwood Leisure Center - Join us now

Funakoshi's Throws Instructional Available now!

Daniel Pyatt - Japanese Martial Arts

You may not realise the benefits of Martial arts...

Are you interested in learning authentic and practical martial arts? Our Dojo is dedicated to excellence in the martial arts we practice and the progress of our students.  

Develop your confidence and shatter the limit of your potential.

Discover who you are on your personal journey to Black Belt.

Learn practical self defence for when it really counts.

Learn the traditions of the Samuari and Ryukyu Kingdom.

Improve your fitness whilst having fun and learning new skills.

Meet our amazing martial family and make friends for life.

You choose your goals, We help you achieve them.

"Welcome to our dojo, were everyone is welcome to train, learn and grow with our martial family."

With so many Martial arts and classes finding the right one can be difficult, but finding the right teacher and the right people can be the most important stage. So why are we different?

Firstly we pride ourselves on excellence. If you are looking for a martial art with a fast track to black belt then we are not the club you for. If however you want to know you have earned that belt, and have learnt an in depth understanding and knowledge to support it then we are for you. The robotic learning process is not adopted at our school, and each student is taught on an individual level to meet their own personal goals be it for fitness, confidence, self defense etc. To this end our classes are small and personal so provide students with as much contact time with Sensei as possible.

Excellent tuition both on a technical and also a professional level is highly important to us. That is why our instructors all have fully enhanced CRB checks, level two first aid training, various coaching qualifications and safeguarding and protecting children qualifications. This is in addition to our dedicated child protection officers.

We also provide students with the opportunities to attend international seminars and training weeks should they wish to. This is part of our continuous technical development and just as importantly provides students with a social outlet to meet and make friends with other martial artist from many backgrounds. And of course we also attend seminars and courses throughout the United Kingdom meaning we can pursue both of these goals, slightly, closer to home.

Finally we are one of the only Karate schools in the local area who has dedicated adults only lessons this is because the needs of both juniors and adults are different. To find out why we will be the best choice for you please hover over our classes above to find out more.

Karate Jutsu
Daniel Pyatt

Karate Jutsu

The Path to the top of the mountain starts with a single step.



+44 7791 128932

Our Address:

Burntwood Leisure Centre

High St,




Getting Here:

Our Dojo is now at Burntwood Leisure Centre in the main sports hall.

Step one on the journey complete! Sensei will be in touch asap to help every step of the way to blackbelt and beyond.

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