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Originally started Karate Jutsu for self-defence purposes and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Not only has this helped with my confidence it has also helped shape my mindset and develop me as a character. Daniel Pyatt sensei is incredibly knowledgable and will take his time to explain techniques thoroughly. I could not ask for a better teacher and for that, I am extremely grateful.



I've been attending Seimedo Karate dojo since September 2014. I often work in environments that require me to keep a calm head and remain in control of what can sometimes be challenging situations. 
Dan has tailored his delivery of the Karate syllabus to my particular motivation, needs and ability. He is extremely committed to the transference of knowledge and skills to his students. We work to build skills in a structured way that gives a good foundation for further training in any martial art; Seimedo Karate Dojo has not rushed the process of learning and is always a fun night with friends new and old.
The knowledge that I am ready to react has improved my self-confidence, made me a better more effective team player at work and a father my children can rely on to offer protection in a sometimes scary world.


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"I can thoroughly recommend training with Danial Pyatt, his dedication to the martial arts is clear to see. His own ability to deliver clean, precise and well-understood movement demonstrates his passion, along with a delivery of a well-articulated explanations, his teachings during the class allows the student to come away with the feeling of learning and the need to return. To sum up: ahead of his years and watch this space for the future."

Glen Frame 5th Dan Karate 3rd Dan Kobujutsu.

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