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Children's Class

The Children's Class is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19. We hope to reopen soon after the summer.

We recognise that Children are not merely mini adults and as such their training is specifically focused to allow them to learn at their pace. Check out the rest of this page to find out exactly how we tailor our children's lessons to make it the best foundation they can have in martial arts.

You may not realise the benefits of Martial arts for children...

Our Dojo is dedicated to excellence in the martial arts for all our students especially children. We expect high standards from all our juniors and wont just award grades for the sake of it. All our children students understand that perseverance and dedication are the currency of improvement and success. 

Develop their confidence and shatter the limits of their potential.

Learn practical self defence appropriate for juniors.

Learn Discipline and respect for each other and themselves.

Get them active and away from a screen.

Improve their fitness whilst having fun and learning new skills.

Develop social skills and make new friends.

They have their dreams, We help them to go beyond them.

The syllabus is also split for some of the most important belts allowing juniors to focus on specific sections of the syllabus at time and progress more readily. The syllabus is also flexible enough in its design that techniques can be streamlined, or added to meet the ability of the students. Gradings are also special for juniors as although they are important exams, pressure is reduced as much as possible with the focus clearly on what they can do; marked in a positive way, with age considerations and even personality taken into account but most importantly there effort and ability in the class contributes and students only grade when Sensei tells them that they are ready.


The most important skill for children to develop is their communication skills. Working together as a team or with a partner is a regular feature of every children's lesson and students are encouraged to develop how they work together and support each other giving each other helpful feedback. This continues as we encourage students to be more independent and able to solve problems for themselves. 

Anti-bullying is often discussed in lessons and many of the early techniques taught, beside focusing on basic principals, often include disengagement skills. For junior students grappling and groundfighting is increasingly focused on, as this is especially important for them as the most likely form of conflict a young person will encounter. Overall junior training focuses on developing confidence in young students to ask questions, engage with others whilst encouraging discipline, humility and manners.

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