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What is the best time to start Karate Jutsu?

Right now! 

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What you should know about us

         🥋 - We focus on TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE at the highest            levels in every facet of the martial arts we practice.
         👊 - We don't practice sport! We STUDY Authentic martial                arts explicitly for the functions they were intended -                            SELF-PROTECTION.
         ⭐ - All our students have a  COMMITMENT to DEDICATED
          TRAINING in order to maximize their potential
         💥 - Our training will push your FITNESS & CHALLENGE                your limits both mentally and physically!
         👍 - Our class sizes are SMALL, the training INTENSE but                 also PERSONAL to your own stage of development.
        ⚡ - We are a TEAM where every member supports everyone              to improve and develop.
        ✅ - You wont get a "belt" or "grade" overnight or just turning             up, but you will know that every step made is genuine, hard-               fought and truly earned.

Ultimately we are looking for students who want to IMMERSE themselves into KARATE JUTSU.


If you think you've got the dedication -

                                               Contact us now!

Our Class Times:

ADULT Karate Jutsu


7:30pm until 9pm


8:00pm until 10pm

Kobujutsu (Weaponry)

Every Tuesday

9pm until 10:30pm

We also have lots of weekend events and seminars throughout the year including international seminars.

Train, Learn, Train more!

What our students say...

Originally started Karate Jutsu for self-defence purposes and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Not only has this helped with my confidence it has also helped shape my mindset and develop me as a character. Daniel Pyatt sensei is incredibly knowledgable and will take his time to explain techniques thoroughly. I could not ask for a better teacher and for that, I am extremely grateful.


I've been attending Seimedo Karate dojo since September 2014. I often work in environments that require me to keep a calm head and remain in control of what can sometimes be challenging situations. Dan has tailored his delivery of the Karate syllabus to my particular motivation, needs and ability. He is extremely committed to the transference of knowledge and skills to his students. We work to build skills in a structured way that gives a good foundation for further training in any martial art; Seimedo Karate Dojo has not rushed the process of learning and is always a fun night with friends new and old. The knowledge that I am ready to react has improved my self-confidence, made me a better more effective team player at work and a father my children can rely on to offer protection in a sometimes scary world.



Scheduling your first lesson couldn't be easier simply fill in the form below and we will contact you 
Feel free just to ask any questions you have and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for messaging us, sensei will be in contact soon, we can't wait to see you at the dojo!

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Still want to learn more about what we offer please check out our full website
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